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Originally Posted by LMB2011 View Post
Movie Theatures should offer bottled water, that would be so cool. My question is what does one drink while enjoying the movie with a small bag of popcorn?
Where I live all of the movie theaters have bottled water. You can just ask for water from them too and it will come in a soda cup but it's from the tap. Where I live the tap water is supposedly very good (at least according to all of my Chemistry and Biochemistry teachers). But I still use filtered water for myself and my pets.

Originally Posted by Absentha View Post
I agree water is essential for losing weight, but you need to be careful, I ended up drinking twice the recommended amount and my body water percentage decreased (so the weight I was losing was mostly water)and I started feeling cold all the time. A nutrition expert told me to cut my water intake to half of it and I got back to normal and kept losing weight. Apparently, if you drink too much water, the body rejects the water it's already got, which makes you lose minerals and other important stuff.
That is really interesting but makes sense, it's called water intoxication. That's why a lot of hazing has been banned because it literally caused several individuals to die or become very ill. For an interesting read you can look up "hold your pee for the wii", that was an instance where an individual drank too much water in a short amount of time and actually died. I believe (as was mentioned before on this thread) that you are supposed to drink half of your weight in ounces of water. I usually try to drink about a gallon of water a day and if I don't I won't lose weight that day. It is VERY hard for me to drink a lot of water because as a child this was not important to my parents. It's not that we had soda, they just didn't monitor if we were drinking or not.

Originally Posted by Freshman30 View Post
Drinking a lot of water does help. I'm also a fan of Crystal Light- benefits of water, with a sweet taste.

Another thing that helps me is Green Tea. I like to drink some before a meal because it makes me feel full so I'll eat less. Or drink it after a well-controlled meal and it will make you feel like it's Thanksgiving.
I don't care for crystal light because it has aspartame in it. But I do drink a lot of green tea. Green tea is supposed to be an appetite suppressant, and it seems to work as long as a drink a lot of it.
The easiest way for me to drink a lot of water is to fill my coffee pot up with tea and make it a goal to drink at least 1.5 of the pots a day. I literally pee every 20 minutes which is annoying...
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