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Originally Posted by KoolKatUK View Post
Sorry, I forgot to mention, for the first few days I felt so hungry that I felt like this too. I think it might be a bit of sugar withdrawal.
Hey KoolKatUK,

I know a lot of people feel this way for the 1st few days on low carb (I've heard it called the "Atkin's flu"), but for me the symptoms never did abate, which is why - after 14 days of feeling this way - I gave up. For me, my body just never seemed to adjust to the lack of carbs. Maybe its the Irish part I inherited from my Grandmother - just can't do without my potatoes!

I have relatives in the UK, and it sounds like the NHS can be a challenge to navigate. All I can suggest, is try meeting with the new Dr - you never know, they may be better then the last (can't be much worse, from the sounds of it). It also sounds (from my non-professional take) that you may have some degree of a wheat intolerance - something that seems to be on the rise these days - and something to talk to the Dr about.

Good luck, and remember, no one knows your body as well as you do, and no one will advocate for you as well as you will.

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