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Originally Posted by Freshman30 View Post
Feet don't lose weight (not significantly) but ankles do. If your shoes are looser it's probably because of your ankles. Try lacing your shoes a little tighter. If they're still loose, you may have actually stretched them out.

Also, when buying shoes, buy them at night or late afternoon after you've been walking around all day. That's when your feet are at their puffiest and most sensitive. It will give you a better idea of how the shoes your trying on will fit in the long run.
I disagree. Feet most definitely do get smaller when you lose significant weight and larger as you gain weight. You can't really go by size, but by fit. I do agree that trying on shoes in the afternoon or evening is the best time to do it.

Originally Posted by Rubystars View Post
My shoes have gotten looser and someone mentioned to me that I needed new shoes. I am scared to get a smaller size though because I have very wide feet and I'm afraid of what will happen to them if I get a smaller size.
Again, go by fit and not by size. You may find you need a smaller size but in a wide width, or a regular width in a bigger or smaller size. Buying shoes is like buying jeans or bathing have to be prepared to spend some time finding out what is exactly right for your shape, because one size does not fit all! As far as being afraid to get a different size, if you take the time to choose wisely, and wear them only indoors for a day or two so you can still return them if you need to, you should be okay.

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