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Originally Posted by meking703 View Post
I didn't notice any issues with my cycle, but each time the lack of energy and the dry heaves really did me in!
Sorry, I forgot to mention, for the first few days I felt so hungry that I felt like this too. I think it might be a bit of sugar withdrawal.

I fed this with babybel (lights), boiled eggs, celery sticks, ruby grapefruit, flavoured water and lots of glasses of Pepsi Max. I know diet drinks aren't great because of the artificial sweeteners but as a short term solution to filling in the hunger pangs these are really handy and help a lot. After a few days the horrible symptoms went away and I'm feeling a huge amount more in control of my hunger and what foods I want to eat.

Of course as you said, everyone reacts differently so I can't guarentee these would work for you, but just thought I'd share in case.
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