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Smile Thank you Crazigerl and Meking703

Hi crazigerl, I was regular as clockwork too. Took a pregnancy test this morning in case but was negative and then started my monthly about noon so definitely not due to pregnancy.

It's very heavy and painful but maybe it's just the drastic change in diet - I'm shocked how many carbs I was eating before without realising. No wonder I put on weight. I was addicted to bread, crisps, chips, pastries and pasta lol.

meking703, while I agree with you that it would be best to discuss it with a doctor, unfortunately seeing a doctor is easier said than done where I live with the hours I work. Sadly a lot of doctors see it as a waste of time because they have numbers they have to work to that are set by the government budget. I got shouted at a few months ago because I went to the doctor worried that I might be developing an underactive thyroid. I was exhibiting all the symptoms and my mum and nana on my dad's side both have it but apparently the doctor thought it was ok to shout at me for wasting his time when my blood test came back negative. I have a new doctor since I've moved but I'm worried they won't be much better so I haven't made an appointment yet. I miss our family doctor I had when I still lived with my parents - she was so lovely and understanding. I guess she wanted to be a doctor for the right reasons...

Anyway before I get carried away about the current state of the NHS (I do actually appreciate it's existence believe it or not lol ), I don't think the diet is particularly dangerous as I'm still eating healthily (avoiding high fat foods and trying to eat lots of veg as well as taking multivitamins and soluble fibre) so I'll just push on and see if it evens out over the next month or two. If not, I'll look at adjusting the diet.

I only took on the low carb diet after speaking to my mum. I'd tried loads of diets, exercise and reducing calorie intake but nothing was working. I noticed I got a painful bloated stomach after pasta and bread and then felt hungry at least half an hour after eating it and Mum said she struggled with these types of carbs. I then tried cutting them out of my diet for a couple of days and I've felt so much better for it.

Thank you both for your help. This was just something I was curious about as the contraceptive pill, illness and certain medicines have affected my monthly but never a diet before.
I also thought maybe it would be worth bringing up in case anyone else had this worry so they could read more into it as I couldn't find much info when I tried to Google it.
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