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We did the mom thing and now it's time to get a little selfish. it's tough dieting and cooking for the family. portion out the leftovers, or make sure there arent any. the biggest thing I found was to not have food on the counters- those cookies THEY want, cover them with foil, or even a dish towel. We know how to cook a good meal, and even more now- everything we eat will be the best. Feel clueless about dinner?? take Fitday and program in your dinner plan, before you start- you will have a clearer picture of what to cook, what you will chose to make for them, but substitute for yourself. have the family meal, then clean the kitchen-put it all away. make containers of legal portions for future meals. trust me- as you shrink, you will see how proud your family is of you. after I lost 50 lbs it was weird....people didnt recognise me, after I quit going to the plus size department, it was like being in forbidden territory. Our lives always change, so I'm back again regained 30 of mine with menopause and lack of exercise. You know what? I bet we are the best fitday'rs here- I'm tracking every crumb. it's nice to look good in clothes, but the motive is to be able to move and live a healthy retirement. Get busy and take care of yourself- your family will love you for it
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