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Originally Posted by TerriLSpencer View Post
Hello everyone,

I am seeing a dietition because not only do I need a bit of help in loosing the weight I want to loose but needed help with improving energy and changing my overall eatting habits. She suggested I needed to eat more fresh vegetables and fruit. As far as meat, I was advised to eat chicken and fish and if I did eat red meat to eat it rarely. I do eat some grains but not alot and if I do, just brown rice and rye breads.

I don't think I could handle an all vegetarian diet only because I've been anemic before. I also take calcium and vitamin D supliments as well because I was tested and my vitamin D was low.

I did go on the Atkins diet a long time ago and did loose some weight on that diet but it is a difficult diet to do. I later read where it is dangerous. Now you all mention that it pulls calcuim from the bones. If so, I won't ever attempt to try that diet again then because I have been told by a chiropractor I have osteopenia in my spine so I'm trying to do weight training, take extra vitamin D and extra calcium to hopefully stop and reverse that.

Don't go by what you've "heard." Read the books and look at the research. I have been low-carb (most of the time on Atkins maintenance) for many years. It has done nothing but help my insulin resistance--and I have no arthritis. I did, but was able to rebuild the cartilage and bone loss through diet and supplements (with the x-rays to prove it).
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