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Mai, you are fit strong and determined too – we keep seeing you here!

Turrinda, nice to see you here – can you tell me about your avatar? Lookls like a cupcake with devil horns! Adding a bike to a Jillian day – impressive!

Pam, I live in a very yoga rich town, you see people on the T (that’s what we call the Subway ) with yoga mats all the time. I have friends who have chucked it all and become yoga instructors , or at least spend their vacations at yoga retreats. There are classes at the Y and at my church; its finding time for one more activity – I’d like to work it into a vacation.
Congrats on finishing first, and the presecribed weight can’t be prescribed for everyone!

Crazigerl, the inversion sounds cool – and those Zumba outfits always make me laugh – back when I took it at the Y I realized that one of the instructors wore outfits that made it easy for even me to tell left from right! (short on left, long pant on right!).
Your message to Mai is one we should all frame: “any exercise for any amount of time is better than nothing”

Spinning was Long Intervals today – quite challenging – and my crunches afterwards weren’t as strong as they have been, but I am glad to be back on routine, my yogurt and banana was lovely!
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