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RBS - yoga feels so good, I haven't done a lot of classes as my flexibility is still very poor and all the others started a couple of years ago. I have been doing at home and have stopped hating downward dog.

Abby the inversion is for hanging upside down this was from a wesite I found

Inversion devices are promoted as a tool to be used in gaining flexibility. Static-active stretching methods impossible to perform while standing can be performed upside down for the spinal flexors, side flexors and extensors, and situps are a closed-chain exercise for the hip flexors (a static-active stretch for the hip extensors) compared to the upright exercise, leg raises, which are open-chain movements.

I just love it for my hips and lower back. It does nothing for my shoulders and neck but I can't believe the differnce in my aches and pains in my spine.
Zumba is a blast, the instructor wears some outrageous clothes, caftans, parachute jumpsuits it's hilarious. I would love to do water Zumba.

My daywillcome, I listen to podcasts on weight. Jillan Michaels, Fat4fit etc. they have some good advice and it makes time fly. So I'm exercising and learning.

Lastri, any exercise for any amount of time is better than nothing so good on you for doing something.

Tunrida, way to work it.

Pam, way to go on the Crossfit. I tried the idea today as I did 1 minute of squats, no rest and straight in to burpees then in to leg press. OMG 3 rounds for a total of 10 minutes and I was done and had to go to the bike for 45 mins. to rest.
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