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Originally Posted by dear_abby View Post
Pam, thanks for checking in yoga is absolutely on my bucket list.

I had an early breakfast meeting so no Y but I got a 2.8 mile run in right around half an hour, nothing killer, enjoying spring. I undid all my calorie burn over breakfast.
I am sure that you have a bunch of yoga studios in your area - is it just a time/scheduling issue? There are many styles (as you may know) some are very vigorous and seem more like CrossFit, some are very slow and really aimed at streching the long muscles. The Iyengar style I like the most is about halfway in between. It is quite focused on getting the most benefit from the poses so it incorporates blocks, straps, walls and other modifications if you aren't able to fully do the pose. It can be challenging, but meditative enough to balance my other activities. I hope you get a chance to engage once or twice a week - I am sure you will love it - if you find the right teacher and style. BTW I saw your post re: breakfast and hunger. I suspect you tummy was just all out of sorts being so out or it's routine (hey where's my boot camp... what's this meaty stuff? potatoes? isn't that dinner time food?).

Originally Posted by lastri View Post
Supposed to do yoga today but I don't have enough time (yoga 1.5 hours) and I am scared of it too. I did Cardio X instead. I feel good but I wish I should over come and do yoga instead.

Thanks all for your kinds words. The fact that I get in here really get me going. You guys are such inspirations.

I feel like you are so fit and strong and determine.
Love it.
Hi Mai - there's nothing to fear but fear itself. No one is going to beat you over the head if you don't complete the pose, or yell at you if you rest when whats-his-name moves on to the next movement. Just jump in and do the best you can. You only have upwards to travel, woman. (Although I certainly get the time element - maybe 1/2 a CD???)

Originally Posted by Tunnrida View Post
Today I did :
the stationary bike 40min
Jillian Michelas 30day shred level 1 - 27min
easy walk on sun - 65min
Nice Tunnrida! How are you liking Jillian? Even though she's on the TV she's still kind of intimidating!

CrossFit this morning. There was no way I was coming anywhere near the prescibed weight - I can bearly dream about doing 165# deadlifts and 56# Kettleball swings. There weren't all that many reps, but heck the most I ever deadlifted (once) was 130# and the handle on the 56# KB are so big I can barely grip the thing! But I did finish first
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