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Originally Posted by taubele View Post
I love reading these sorts of threads and seeing all the ideas

I have a fairly sensitive stomach in the morning, if I eat something heavy or big it'll go right through me. About 80% of my mornings start with a 6 oz. container of flavored Greek Yogurt (whatever is on sale - I like all the brands) and that's usually fine for me. I tend to eat lunch fairly early (around noon) and it's enough that I don't need a mid-morning snack. Sometimes I will switch it up and have a high-fiber cereal if the yogurt isn't appealing for whatever reason. If it's not high-fiber though, I'm always starving come 11:00. I think Fiber One is great.

On weekends we tend to brunch and dinner, so brunch itself is usually larger. Very common for me to have two eggs (over-easy, normally) with 3 pieces of bacon on a lightly buttered bagel thin or toast as long as we're eating after 10:30 or so. Sometimes turkey sausage is added if I'm feeling really hungry, and if we have any fresh fruit in the house it'll come out. Not uncommon for me to go 500 cals on brunch, but I also won't eat again until dinner
Terri, have you ever tried Kashi Go Lean? I think it's equal or better in terms of fiber and also has a pretty big protein kick. Another reason it appeals to me personally is that it doesn't have the artificial sweeteners in it like Fiber One does.

I just pulled this out of the pantry this morning, used to eat it all the time, then got away from it, now I'm back on it again.

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