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Originally Posted by almeeker View Post
That's awesome Naomi!!!! I just recently passed below 200 and let me tell you I hung there for days and days and days. Glad to hear the crutches are working, pretty soon you'll be entering "Miss Upper Body" contests. I'm cracking up about you not being able to get to the snacks, genius. I suppose grocery shopping is a bit of a bear as well eh?
There's something about that # that's a big mental block, isn't there? Feel's soooo good to bust through though! Congratulations! I sure never want to go back up there again. I'm down 4.6 pounds since I started on A little at a time!

My hubby's been doing the grocery shopping, but I actually did go with him on the way home from the doctor yesterday. I couldn't stand being cooped up anymore. Our grocery store has loaner power chairs. It was a hoot. The thing actually beeps like a garbage truck when you back up! LMAO! I almost ran over a little kid. Fun stuff!
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