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Default Medical Problems and Weight Gain

Thanks so much for the responses. I'm sorry to hear about your problems.
Mine started in 2010. I literally collasped. Didn't know I was sick.
The first hospital stay was for 33 days. That year I had to be hospitalized 9 times.

I have been diagnosed with two blood diorders and have advanced cirrhosis from heptacellular carcinoma. I'm in remission at this point.
Due to the severity of damage done to my liver (I have 11% left) I have developed all kinds of other problems.
Pancreatitis, enlarged spleen, GERDS, AFib, and hepatic encephalopathy. I also deal with two bulging discs, spinal stenosis, and osteo.
I have been getting cortizone injections for over a year now. *WOW* did I gain a ton of weight!
My docs keep telling me I shouldn't be concerned with dieting. Just "lay off the salt" is all I get from them.
Living with the chronic fatigue and chronic pain make excercising very difficult.
I have never been this big in my life. Even after 4 children. It's fair to say I am miserable.
Any advice on foods that will speed up your metabolism? Is there anything out there that will combat the side effects of the steriods?
Any responses will be appreciated. Thanks.
Tada gan iarracht.
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