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'morning all,
Todays weight: 135.4, exactly the same as last week. I suspect it is a little high due to a hard workout yesterday. I know from experience (and reading other's reports) that after a workout muscles are inflamed as they are repairing. So I suspect some of that weight is water - I'll check tomorrow.

You know? I have never been much of scale addict - didn't even own one until a couple of years ago - but now I am finding I may weight myself 2 or 3 times a week. hmmmm not sure that that is good thing, but at least the whims of the scale are not controlling my outlook on life as they once did.

Nottango, a measly pound is still a pound, woman. But I get what your are saying sometimes it just seems like all that hard work, restraint, and sarifices should have a bigger reward.

Sara, you earned the lower number, so yeah, go with that one

Abby I agree, maintaining is an honor all by itself. Like you said, you know what to do. I am sure when the opportunity presents itself, you'll know it and take advantage of that opportunity. Oh and yeah, right now my job is pretty hellish. It should be better in a couple of months, but in my profession I don't have a lot of mobility. Although there may be some things coming up in the next year or 2.

Hope I have been known to log my really bad days with 1 eye closed and then not really look at it for a day or 2. But when I do it is really helpful in understanding where and maybe why I went off track.

Chris I had to give up most mexican food for just the reason you experienced. Chips are def. a trigger food and once I head down that road it's Katy bar the door. Enchilatas with double cheese and big dollop of sour cream... sure why not? But you can't life in a bubble so you do what you can. Nice job "testing" yourself. I think that's worth doing from time to time.
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