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Wednesday weigh-in
Down 1 hard-earned measly pound. I am glad not to have gained because I've been really wanting to eat a LOT lately. Not sure if it's due to the warm weather or stress over the upcoming vacation. I have been jogging, but just doing short runs. I know that if I push myself too much it'll backfire on me and make it even harder to get out there.
I will be on vacation next week, and plan to eat a lot (and have some adult beverages!) but also exercise regularly so hopefully wont do too much damage. I have 2 great former running buddies there, and we're planning to do a long run on Saturday morning.
Ruby - don't sweat the weight for now. It's so important that you get enough for the baby! I breast-fed exclusively, and was STARVING the entire time with both kids. I didn't lose any weight until I was done, but I wouldn't change a thing because they've both been amazingly healthy.
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