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Default Weight Training is Essential to women, not just men! Heres Why!

Good evening ladies! I want to make note of a topic I think is essential to add to your weight loss journey, and working to maintain weight.

Many women overlook the importance of weight lifting and core workouts during their weight loss journey, and maintaining their weight. Yes, cardiovascular workouts such as running, and using cardio machines have utmost importance. I'm not talking about power lifting here. Just core workouts, and certain exercises that involve some low weights. ie 5lbs . If you feel you can add more after lifting for awhile, do it! For women, gaining muscle, means losing weight faster. Why? Lets see.

Why its important for looks: What do you think happens to your skin after you lose weight without muscle training. Your skin becomes saggy, and the extra fat under your arms just turns into loose hanging skin. Yuck! Core training will help you shape your stomach toning, and get rid of stretchy skin. Who wouldn't love a nice stomach, and strong arms? If you hear stories of regretting weight loss because of how their skin looks afterwords, I can guarantee you it is because these people did not balance their working out and weight training properly.

Most importantly, why its important for healthy weight loss!: If you add weight training into your work outs, muscle gain helps you burn calories much faster. Even when you are at rest, you will lose calories continuously. Muscle gain will give you the ability to do more work as well.

PLEASE NOTE: It is not healthy to weight train every day. Your muscles get tired quickly, especially newly developing muscles! What I'm doing, and of course you could go a different route with it, is doing cardio on my bike for an hour three times a week, and for the remaining 3 days of my work out week, I do cardio exercise for a half hour, then weight train for a half hour. I mix up the days though, so my muscles have a day to rest and recover.
Also, don't begin weight training with weights that are to heavy to handle. Muscle building does not happen over night. When you feel stronger, bump up the weights, but don't rush it! If your muscles burn out, what was the point of trying to build them!

Good luck!
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