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Originally Posted by KristynBond View Post
Hi everyone! Unfortunately, no, I don't have facebook. I tried it and didn't like it. :-)
But I would love to touch base with you guys and support one another.
And yes, I have tried zumba. I love it! I look like a total idiot, but it's great. I've also been doing step aerobics a lot. And my favorite thing to do at home is my Pussy Cat Dolls Workout video. It kills your butt and legs.
Sounds like fun. I have the biggest loser workout dvds. (yoga, cardio, and power sculpt) I need to motivate myself to do them. I did a while back but I was doing all three every day and it killed me so I guess Im afraid to start back up.

I know I just need to try one a day, Im just putting it off.

I also have this really nice dance workout dvd but it is so hard and fast I cant keep up, makes me feel really really out of shape.

I never thought I would have to have a workout dvd to fit in to when Im skinnier... I mean I save clothes but this... =]
My dog is my main support. He pushes me! He is my best friend!

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