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Originally Posted by dear_abby View Post
The world is such a happier place when you assume good intention, and try to return it. My favorite compliments come from ladies at the Y - my Y is in Chinatown, English language and American Culture are new to many of the members.

The sweet older Chinese ladies look at me and say "so skinny now" with big smiles - yes, it means they've been watching progress, but they are cheering me on, and I'll treasure it.

LOL, that's funny. One of the local vendors at the Farmer's Market came from China, she totally cracks me up. When I was pregnant she gave me extra veggies "for the little one" and she then she would pat my rock hard baby bump. When I was just fat and pushing a stroller she gave me extra apples for "the little children" and patted them on the head. The last time I went by myself and she gave me a great big apple cause I'm "so skinny now" and she made an hour glass gesture with her hands. I laughed at her and then bought a few more things than I might normally have. Hey a girl's gotta eat.
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