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Originally Posted by megan5555 View Post
2 Questions:
How many calories should I eat a day, if I'm burning 2500. Is 1200 enough or 1500?

Also, It says that I should be eating at least 225g carbs a day, but I'm finding it hard to reach that amount, I usually have about 180. If I eat more than that, my calories for the day will increase to 2000. Is it okay to eat less carbs than is recommended?

How many calories do you ("anyone, anyone") take in a day on this program and do you find it hard to get enough carbs to match your daily requirement?
Hi Megan,

I just thought I would share with you what I've learned from visits to a Registered Dietician. We tested my resting metabolic rate with a machine and at that time (a few years ago) my body burned 1540 calories a day without any movement at all, that's just what it takes to keep my cells/organs alive.

Based on that, she gave me the following guidelines to eat a day to lose weight healthfully. I've noticed that if I follow this carefully by eating small meals throughout the day and take a vitamin with iron, I don't go hungry, I feel energetic and balanced, and I lose fat but not muscle. I'm following it now and as of today it's been 4.8 pounds lost in 32 days!

Grams per day:
fat -43
carbs - 188
protein - 85

I think this comes out to about 1400 calories a day. Also, she says that no one should ever go below 1200 calories a day. That's the rule of thumb for when your body starts to lower your metabolism and conserve fat because it's not getting enough calories to keep your organs alive.
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