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Originally Posted by las07s View Post
What I've discovered (thanks to living in China) is that water can instantly change into something yummy very easily. HELLO TEA. Personally, I wasn't a big fan of "tea" when I lived in America, but the Chinese take the word 'tea' to a whole new realm. tea is hot water with whatever you want thrown inside. For example:
Green tea with a small piece of orange peel
hot water with a slice of lemon
hot water with dried berries
hot water and cinnamon (really helpful if you have that Christmas dessert craving)
I've not been to China, but the British certainly have one over on the Americans when it comes to tea. Thankfully the local health food store has a really good selection. Personally I don't mind water, what I have issues with is city water. I grew up in the country where there was a really awesome spring water well, but now I live in the city where the water tastes like bleach on a good day, and feet the rest of the time. We have a water filter and even still there are days I just can't drink it straight. I'll have to try that berry business, I've got some frozen blueberries and strawberries in the freezer. I wonder if they would work?
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