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Default Beginning My Journey. May I have some opinions on my plan?

Summary: I am coming on the 4th week of my 105lb weight loss journey. I weigh myself every 3 wks at my nutritionist's so I don't get discouraged if I lose less weight one week, than another. My 1st weigh in of my journey showed my heaviest weight I've ever been at. 260lbs. My 2nd weigh in, 3 weeks after my 1st with simply dieting a 900-1200 calorie diet, I lost 13lbs. 247lbs. I know I won't lose that much every time I weigh in with just dieting alone. I knew I had to add in working out.

My Plan: Because I want to meet my 140-145lb goal in 365 days, I have just drawn up an exercise plan along with dieting plan.

I ordered myself a dual exercise bike (Works arms and legs) and two 5lb weights. When they arrive, I plan to work out for 1 hour 6 days a week on the dual bike. Every other day I will lift weights while I am pumping my legs instead of doing both arms and legs to get rid of, and tone the left overs "bat wings, skin fat, and elbow fat"

I have heard that a dual bike with the weight lifting is a great way to lose weight fast, as well as toning your body because of the pressure on your butt and thighs giving yourself a healthy build. I don't really plan on working out in public until I have lost about 50lbs, so I thought an exercise machine along with weight lifting would be ideal. Also, It would give me the ability to be a bit more hungry to bump up my calories, making sure my body does not shut down from not eating as much.

Opinions on my work out plan?

Advice on making sure I stick with it and not give up on it no matter how tired I feel?

Should I add stretching to this routine, what stretches, and why?

-Ht. 5'5
-Peak weight/1st Weigh In:2.27.12- 261lbs
- Last Weigh In 3.22.12: 240
1st MiniGoal-200-210 5.10.2012
-Overall Goal: 130-140lbs 3.18.13
-RIP Erik, my brother and best friend.-
-I will succeed. love my healthy & appealing shape,be healthy, live a long wonderful life, & make sure I'm the best me I can be for myself, my fam, friends,& fiancee. It's never to late to change your life for the better, you have the power.
-Proud USMC Fiancee
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