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Pam, I am relieved to hear that you only take in around 100-150 g of carbs a day. For me to take in the required minimum of 225g , I would have to eat way more than I really need. Itís hard enough to keep the Fat calories down, a constant struggle for me, this is good to hear! And I agree, that we are not the ďAverageĒ at the age we are, so we have to experiment with what we as individuals need.
Iíve been a Fit Day member for a couple of years , on and off, and have had little success with losing weight. Now Iím getting serious by joining this Discussion Group to get help, thank you for your input, it has helped me a lot!

And Nottango, You're right its all balance, you have to find it for yourself, by not eating too little.....or your metabolism will adjust to your intake by slowing down. Not what I want either, My body is already slowing down being in menopause myself, so I need to adjust to my body not needing as many calories as when I was 25. Thanks for the input, much appreciated.
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