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Default New, and a bit confused

Hello. I just found FitDay today, and love this place so far. I do have a few questions. I'm 231 lbs, 6 ft. tall, and 43 years old. I eventually need to get to 180 lbs to not be considered fat. Here's where the confusion comes in:

Looking at the calories in to calories burned chart, it says I burned 2800 calories just by being sedentary. I did a Men's Health 15 Minute DVD workout, added it to my exercise log, and it added another 165 calories burned, so I'm just under 3,000 calories burned for the day.

Is it really possible that you can burn 2800 calories just by being sedentary? I have a desk job. Now I've eaten approx 2400 calories today. According to my math, the weight loss should occur if I keep that up, and that 2800 figure is correct.

Am I misreading something? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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