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Originally Posted by almeeker View Post
It's certainly a lot easier to take then, "hey when's that baby due?", when I actually wasn't pregnant.
HAHAH!!! Happened to me too when I was like 18 cashiering at Winn Dixie!! This customer came in and I was doing my job, making polite small talk while I rang up the cart, and she says "So, when are you due?" And just as nonchalant as she asked me, I looked her directly in the eye and said "oh, I'm not pregnant....just fat". Her friend about DIED!

I've had a lot of people, especially the past few days, ask me what my "secret" is. Most are people I see on a regular basis, so they've actually noticed the steady decline. Saturday night, while being carded at the bar for the big St. Patty's Party, the bouncer just kept looking from my ID to my face. Each time a looking more and more confused. When he handed me back my license he said "Congratulations! You need to go get that pic updated, cause DAMN!!!!" And just this afternoon leaving work, one of the cashiers wanted to know what I was doing. I told her simply that I was counting calories and working out. She said that she had tried counting, but that she "just can't live on 1200 calories a day." I told her that, in fact, she could. She just had to want it bad enough.

As everyone else has said, I don't think people mean it as "omg, you were so fat before. But look at you now!!" They mean it as encouraging. I take it as nothing more than a sincere compliment.

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