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Originally Posted by laur924 View Post
Hi! This is probably a weird concern, but 1 of the reasons i hate losing weight is because then people talk about it and I hate it! noone says, "oh wow, you look like you gained a bunch of weight", so why bring it up if i lost it?! I know most of them mean well, it just makes me very uncomfortable. maybe because it reminds me that that the last time they saw me i looked heavy when i secretly hoped nobody noticed...? I don't know but i can't stand it. especially when they ask "did you lose weight?" or "how much weight did you lose?"
It makes me feel awkward too. I wish nobody was looking at my body to begin with. Someone even told me I should wear more revealing/tight clothes and said "If you've got it, flaunt it!" Ugh!

Anyway I try to see it as people trying to be nice.

I wish society didn't notice things like weight so much, it would put less pressure on people and maybe we would have fewer anorexics and overeaters to begin with.
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