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OK so I am psyched. I'm gonna stretch, meditate, take a walk and enjoy this beautiful weather, write.

And as for being positive, I found out this morning that I probably need root canal, I am not insured for it and I will need a crown on top of it. But ON THE POSITIVE SIDE, I really like and trust this endodontist, it's only 2 treatments and I will be able to eat on both sides of my mouth again (wait that is a PLUS, right? oh yes I am keeping watch on the cals so all is good.)

And Mern to belatedly answer your question, I need the stress test and echocardigram due to pain in my left arm and chest and other symptoms that were probably fibro. My joke is that with all my fibro symptoms, I would never know if I WERE having a heart attack. Seriously I like this doctor and office I found. And the good news is if they had found something wrong, they would have called me and I feel pretty good about the whole thing.

April, so glad to hear about the positive words from family and their friend(s); it feels good, doesn't it? To accomplish something AND be acknowledged for it. And happy to hear about the the camper too; may you have many fun trips! You deserve more good things!!!!

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