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Originally Posted by Luckygir15 View Post

I just started this thing a week ago. I'm 26 and I somehow blew up to 210 lbs without even realizing. I used to be around 145 at my lightest and that's where I want to end back up. This is my first diet and first attempt at loosing this horrible weight. I'm 5'9" and I carry it mostly in my hips and thighs ie the pear shape.

I live with my boyfriend and I'm also unemployed thanks to the economy

I really want to do this to not only get back in shape but also so I can feel better about myself and fit back in my wicked small dresses that I can't zip up anymore.

Part of the reason why I ended up like this is because I LOVE chocolate, bread...everything that is unhealthy to eat. My boyfriend is also extremely obese...very big guy...think huge football player... and he easily eats 4x's what I eat in a single meal which somehow got me eating more than what I should have been eating in the first place.

Anyways, I would love to be your buddy! We need to get our butts back in shape!!!!

Luckygirl, I loved your post! I agree so much!! I too am a recovering "chocolate and bread addict" haha. When I first started this, I seriously mourned over the idea of little to no chocolate or bread. I always used to joke that my dream vacation was a trip to Charlie's Chocolate Factory.

Olivia, I like the buddy idea. I think the more buddies, the better! We need all the support we can get!

Good luck girls, I know we can do it!
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