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Mern, you've got a whip and Mike has boots, huh? How can I refuse? OK, this thread is getting funky and just a little scary. Seriously, I was gonna start a thread if no one did (thank you Quinn) called YOU CAN DO IT!!!

I was down 4 lbs and I gained 2 back. I did not eat clean the past 2 days. So my goals:

1) no more than 1700 calories per day
2) 6 glasses of water minimum
3) walk or gym 3 times this week, NO MORE SLACKING
4) really stretch
5) eat clean: no sugar, low carb
6) meditate
7) get back to serious writing, 2 hours per day at least 5 days no matter what
8) clean up office, even a bit at a time
9) clothes to Goodwill
10) return ill fitting sneakers
11) stay positive

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