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1. Work towards drinking min 64oz of WATER!!
2. Wake up early before my monsters wake up!
3. PM workout Mon/Wed/Fri!!
4. Min 30 crunches/day
5. Log ALL food - no cheating or snacking on junk!
6. Calories below 1300/day!

1. Sell it.
2. Sell it.
3. Clean it....
4. Sell it.

1. Take kids outside min 1 hr/day (especially with the amazing weather!!)
2. Convince Braydon that Veggies are good!
3. Work on Makenna's walking!
4. Encourage hubby to workout!

My very first list of goals for the week - thank you guys for being here! I'M EXCITED

Still no scales for me.... maybe next week...
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