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GOALS (5th week postpartum)

Well baby has gained 2 pounds and after the initial baby weight loss I've gained 2 as well, I guess from inactivity and overeating!

- log calories (I absolutely hate doing this; maybe if I ever get a smart phone it will be easier than going onto the computer to do this. the only other way around this is to eat processed pre-packaged meals OR eat the same thing every day, neither of which appeal to us)

- stick to under 1700 calories with 2 days around 2000, maybe adjust if feel too weak/crabby or feel milk supply going down (it's hard to guesstimate how many calories to eat while nursing; I've read 200-500 extra calories, I've used different online calculators that take into account BFing but one said 1700 and the other said 2200)

- walk every day 30 min

- modified light aerobics DVD, 20min 2x
(ideally I'd do more but I'm so sleep deprived and also have diastis recti so don't want to aggravate that)
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