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Mike, when I found out it was a piece of corn stuck on my son's tonsil, I could feel my face getting hot from embarrassment and the doctor cracked up laughing. He had a good point when he said, "Well, aren't you glad it's not tonsilitis? But I don't know the diagnosis code for "corny tonsil."

Nobe, most people do recognize corn, but probably not many have had to recognize it on their kid's tonsil. LOL You know how the saying goes: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." Very nice goals for this week. Feel better soon! I think you did quite well for your own birthay dinner. Congrats on only that much pizza and cake. Heck, enjoy some of those leftovers today--don't diet on your birthday! How about setting your goals for Tuesday through Sunday this week. I and several others have done that. Good job on racing around the store and counting it as exercise. I've done that on purpose when the store wasn't crowded enough for me to knock over any old ladies. On your report for last week: look at all that green! Congratulations. Reds when we're not feeling well are excused. Bit pat on the back for you, girl!

Luv, I'm the oldest of our group. I have Kumochi Mary beaten by a month, so you all have to mind me anyway.

crazigerl, yeah, you're one of the others members I missed but I was tired last night and couldn't think straight enough to come up with the names of all who hadn't posted lately. I'm scooting over so you can sit next to me in the wagon.
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