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Dinner could have been worse (diet-wise), I guess. Had 4 tiny narrow pieces of pizza (have no idea how to equate it to the options on the log, so I estimated it as 3 Fitday pieces, but I don't know) and a tiny, two inch square piece of chocolate cake. But guess who ended up with half a pizza and half a cake in their fridge? My dad and stepmom don't eat leftovers. Sigh. Stop staring at me, stupid cake.

I gave myself permission to be a slacker today because my head felt like it was full of cotton candy. I did have to get groceries but I got hubby to drive me. But I knew what I needed and was racing around the store, so by gum I'm counting it as 15 minutes of walking.

My mediocre numbers for today:

1) 1,700 calories max/day - 1454, 1417, 1557, 1467, 1771, 1457, 1856
2) walk for 1 hour, lift weights for 1/2 hour every day except work days (I only work 2-3 days a week), but do it on work days too if I feel like it - no but worked, no but worked, walk 1/2 hr/weights 1/2hr, walk 1 hr/weights 1/2 hr, no but worked, random exercise that I figure adds up to an hour of walking/weights 1/2 hour, 15 mins walking
3) eat more protein, get up from 17% - 18% (it's a start!), 21%, 25%, 22%, 23%, 16%, 16%
4) 64oz water minimum - 64oz, 72oz, 64oz, 64oz, 64oz, 64oz, 64oz
5) calorie deficit at least 500 - 1069, 980, 726, 871, 626, 908, 350

Look at all that new red
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