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Originally Posted by SkinnyErinn View Post
I tell the hostess that I will not be able to eat what everyone else is. I pick at veggie platters (no ranch or dip of course!), drink diet soda, or maybe have a hanmburger with no bun, no condiments. I make sure everyone know I am on a special eating plan. I treat sugar and carbs like an allergy - I can not have them because I am allergic. Everyone understands. They actually respect my upfront-ness about it. I went to my mom's a week ago for a pizza party. I told her I would bring my own salad - with JUST basalmic vinegar for dressing. Then, when I was really craving pizza I ran off to the gym for 30 minutes. By the time I came back I was feeling so good about myself that I felt no desire for nasty pizza. In fact I was grossed out by how much everyone was chowing down on it.
Today, I was the hostess. I planned ahead what I would make for everyone - and what I would eat instead. I had others taste-test for me to make sure everything tasted great - and that NOTHING unexpected touched my lips. Then, I had my pre-planned dinner and felt really good about myself. I had one glass of wine (8 oz) which was carefully planned and measured.
I think it just takes alot of pre-planning and honesty to get through these holidays. It's hard - the chocolate See's eggs are seriously calling to me, but so is being under 200 pounds. So... I swallow hard, and find a distraction.

OH! I also make sure to pack appropriate snacks in my purse when I am going to parties that may not have ANYTHING I can eat - like raw almonds, protein shake, etc.
Hope this helps.
Man i wish I had your control! Teach me. I wanna be your buddy!!! =]
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