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Originally Posted by 01gt4.6 View Post

8) Push 2 people, not counting Tori
Originally Posted by Mern View Post
Mike, you look great in that purple shirt--not at all like Barney! Had to chuckle when you said we all know we'd all stick our fingers in the back of our throat to touch a tonsil rock. I'll have to look that up--never heard of it. No, you're right, it's "who would have THOUGHT." LOL Thunk is poor grammar, but I say it in jest sometimes. Very nice goals for next week. Got a good chuckle out of your promising to not push Tori. Nice bike!

Now I'm going to watch TV. Goodnight, everyone.
Thanks for the compliment, the shirt actually looks brighter in the picture. It wasn't that obnoxious. I'm not saying that I'm not going to push Tori, I'm just not counting her as one b/c it's to be expected. I'm going to try to get mh to bring her butt back here and I'll push her. Maybe quinn needs a little pushing?
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