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Default Gluten free help

My Father-in-law's new girlfriend (cute as the dickens... love in the 70s)... is coming to visit for a few weeks. Unforutnately, we just found out that she has celiac disease so I've got to figure out how to go gluten free. I'd like to see if it can be done without going to expensive markets and buying high end products made specifically for people with that sensitivity... I did that with a friend once, and found that the expensive products are not only expensive, but they're not quite as satisfying or tasty as I expect.

I figure I can take my standard recipes and alter them... using bean threads, for example, instead of vermecilli in lo mein... or finding something different to use to dredge the chicken for chicken piccata, and putting it on rice instead of pasta... but it would be nice to be albe to double-check and make sure I've removed or replaced ALL the troublesome ingredients.

I was wondering if it's possible to get this information on Fitday without getting the premium service. Or if I would need to get the premium service, then would it also be possible to create some setting where I would be able to pop our menus in ther eand get some kind of alert if there is gluten in the food that we're planning?

Just figured I'd ask, since this tool has been so good at helping me figure out th enutrition and serving value of my usual recipes (and keeps me in line on my eating if I'm working at it).
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