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Originally Posted by megan5555 View Post
2 Questions:
How many calories should I eat a day, if I'm burning 2500. Is 1200 enough or 1500?

Also, It says that I should be eating at least 225g carbs a day, but I'm finding it hard to reach that amount, I usually have about 180. If I eat more than that, my calories for the day will increase to 2000. Is it okay to eat less carbs than is recommended?

How many calories do you ("anyone, anyone") take in a day on this program and do you find it hard to get enough carbs to match your daily requirement?

Hi Megan,
Here is what seems to be working for me. My maintence calories are about 1800 at ~135lbs. On running days I typically burn about 2300 and something less on lifting and yoga days. For this last 10lb push I have been shooting for bwt 1000 and 1200 calories and doing just fine. This gives me a deficit between 600 and 1300... depending.

A couple of years ago, when I lost the majority of my weight, I was doing a bit more running and not much lifting, the diet I was on called for 1200 cals. Some days I had a little less energy than others but all in all I was fine.

The one thing I would comment on is the carbs. Regardless of what "it" says, 200g is on the high side for a 145lb woman. I know there are different philosphies out there, but my experience has been that the lower my carb intake is, the more successful my weight loss has been - even with all of the activities I do. Albeit, I am on a low-carb regime right now, I am trying to keep carbs less than 100 and almost all of those are from fruits and veggies. I would say that 150 is plenty, especially if they are from whole food sources, not sugar and refined grains.

BTW, both of my Dr's. and a nutritionist have told me that the 1200 calorie minimum recommended by the ADA is based on an AVERAGE woman, and believe me girl, you and I are way outside of the average. Athough I don't recommend it for several reasons (mostly serious limits in foods - can't live on salads forever), I have eaten as few as 600 calories for a week or more, and 1000 cal. for extended periods and have yet to experience the "starvation mode" that others will warn you about.

That being said, it really does depend on you. You have to do a little experimenting with your own body. But try not to let the extremists at either end of the spectrum scare you from trying something a little different.
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