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Thanks for the link Vito. I've been thinking I'm going to have to try to research the magnesium and other nutrient content of various foods to see how much I'm getting. For most of this last year I've been mainly focused on calories, which has, by default, resulted in better nutrition as I eat less calorie dense, more nutrient dense foods. However, I'd still like to make sure I'm getting as healthy a diet as possible as I move forward in my life, so tracking various nutrients is becoming a lot more important to me.

It's frustrating when I want to track something specific like this and it's not conveniently placed on the food label.

I was concerned today because according to Fit Day, I'm not getting enough Selenium. However when I looked up Selenium rich foods, tuna fish came up as one of them, and I've been eating tuna on a nightly basis when I have my lunch break at work. I'm going to probably be editing a lot of my custom foods to try to add in the missing information. I just hope that I can do so accurately so that I'm not overestimating the amounts of the nutrients.
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