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Originally Posted by taubele View Post
Cassie -

If you're ever in the mood for the easiest slow-cook dumplings ever...

When I'm cooking chicken and dumplings in the slow cooker (my recipe is very similar to yours), after it's pretty much cooked through I'll often thicken just a bit (similarly to you) and then I'll add refrigerated biscuits on top - like the pillsbury refridgerated biscuits package? Open the package, quarter the biscuits, and lay them on top of the slow-cooker and turn to high. 40-50 minutes later the "biscuits" will plump up and billow out to be very soft dumplings.

It's the very, very lazy dumpling way, but it tastes extremely delicious.
Thanks, Terri!

I found a recipe for another slow cooker meal that sounds pretty good and will probably try this one sometime soon:

Crockpot Chicken and Sweet Potatoes Recipes - Healthy Slow Cooker Recipes - Five Ingredient Crockpot Chicken Recipes

But I will probably substitute breasts for some of the thighs; son likes dark meat but hubby and I don't prefer it. The awesome thing about slow cookers is it's really hard to dry something out!

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