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That's tough! Do you see the link at the bottom of my signature? Click on that & you'll find a lot of information & help. I bet you'll find something in there of value to you.

*~ Some Thoughts~*
When you say that you're gaining weight -> How much fluctuation are you seeing & in what time period. As I'm losing weight I go up & down, but generally I'm on the way down. I picture a blood pressure cuff. As the needle comes down it sort of "bumps".

Questions I ask myself are as follows:

Eating -> Sometimes we're not as healthy as we think we are.
1. Accuracy. How accurately am I estimating my food portions? Sometimes I'll measure/weigh food again just to see how close I am at "guestimating".

2. Mind games. Am I picking at food --mindless eating?

3. Content. Salt - For me, too much salt translates into increase weight.

4. Content. How balanced is my "pie chart"? I often need to pay attention to this and see what's actually happening.

5. Habits. Am I logging/charting my food intake consistently? Am I charting everything?

Exercise -> 1. Am I sloppy with my focused exercise?
2. Is there something I can change? Such as intensity or frequency?
I invite you, if you haven't already, to read & to post up on the Exercise forum. Handcycle, FitDay's "Coach", has lots of wonderful tips.

Medical -> Are you on any medicines that could be contributing to weight gain? Is there any medical reason that you think could contribute to it?

As discouraging as it is (I know), I remember that it's for a fit body, not only weight loss. You're forming good habits for life. Hang in there. I'm sure others have wonderful tips.
Best Wishes, Luv
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