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Congratulations on your weight loss, it sounds like you're well on your way to a much thinner you. Awesome!!!

Well, I'm older than you but trying to do the same thing. I started at 244 and want to end up at 120. I know 120 sounds really low, but I'm a shorty, only 5'-2" (when I round up), so 120 is smack dab in the middle of "ideal" for me. Anyhoo, I try and limit my caloric intake every day, and I chart my activities and work very hard to keep my intake 900-1000 calories less than my burn. I put in a 1 hour work out almost every day, it's usually cardio, but once or twice a week I lift weights at the gym. The other thing I've discovered about myself is that I lose more weight on the same calories if I keep my carbs under 50% and my protein around 30-35% and fat at 20% (or less) of my calorie intake. I believe one of the reasons that I'd gotten so heavy is because I naturally gravitate toward a carb heavy diet. So far so good, I've lost 57 pounds and have been dropping pretty steadily.
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