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Congrats on the 80lbs!!! I don't have high cholesterol, but my husband does, and what he does to keep off meds is to keep his diet clean of any processed foods containing cholesterol, take a daily dose of Metamucil and eat oats 2-3 times/week. Not Cheerios, but real old fashioned, cook on the stove top, oatmeal. I understand that steel cut oats are also beneficial, but to my knowledge he hasn't tried those. He also only eats red meat a few times/week and keeps his intake of shellfish and egg yokes to a minimum. Other than that he tries to munch on foods high in healthy fats, like nuts, seeds, whole grain crackers with guacamole etc. He's had to go on meds a few times, but his liver doesn't like them at all, so the best medicine for him is a good diet and plenty of exercise.
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