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Default Do these foods really have magnesium?

I have been trying to find magnesium rich foods I can eat because like most other Americans I'm low on that.

I read that black beans are a good source of it, so when I went to the store I looked on the back of the can of black beans, and it was not listed on the nutrition panel. None of the other beans had it listed either.

I read oat meal is a good source. I look on the back panel of my old fashioned Quaker Oats, magnesium is not in the nutrition facts at all. Only Iron is listed.

Edamame is supposed to be a good source. My package of Seapoint farms Edamame does not list any magnesium on the label.

Spinach is supposed to be a good source. Same thing. The can of spinach does NOT list magnesium as being in it.

The only foods that have magnesium on the label that I've been able to find are my almond butter and cans of nuts.

I can't eat nuts all day to get enough magnesium or I'll gain weight again.

Do these other foods have magnesium but it's just not listed? If it's in there why is it not on the label? How the heck am I supposed to track it?
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