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Question Introduction and Stressed by a Plateau

OK, well Im very new to this site! Thought I would give it a try! Anyways I have finally decided that this is the year I will do good for me. I have decided that 2010 will be the year of weight loss and possibly love? haha that is actually the last thing on my mind right now!

Well anyways, im 26, female and single and weighed 271lbs January 1st 2010! YUCK right, ya I thought so too! so I got a gym membership and got rid of all temptations in my home. January and February I was very much on track, and never swayed once! (ok Once when we won gold in mens hockey had a few beers!)

So By Feb 28, 2010 I was at an amazing weight of 242.5lbs!!! YAY right almost 30lbs! started picking here and there on some bad foods...and well
it is now April 5, 2010 and my current weight is 238lbs! woo hoo 33lbs in 3 months!

But I have not seen much movement on the scale in the last month just 4lbs. Does anyone have any ideas on what I can do to rev up my system again? I have a wedding in August and would LOVE LOVE LOVE to be under the duece!!!! Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.

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