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Hey guys, I'm on the 100 lb club board too, and one of the girls on there mentioned a workout she found on demand, since I had said on it as well that I'm using it to find a workout video that I feel I'll stick with. I may have found it. I don't know about other cable providers, but I have Comcast, and there is a Jillian Micheals one called Boost Your Metobolism. Its hard, but it was really good! For me, personally, this seems to have a long term potential to it. Just thought I'd pass it along, in case any of you are looking for any aerobics ideas!

Is everyone having a good day so far? I feel a lot better from when I posted this morning since I worked out. I don't know why I drag my feet on it, I know how much I actually enjoy physical activity and how much its helps my moods. I hope you ladies are doing well, and I'm thinking about you and cheering you on!
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