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Originally Posted by LuxZilla View Post
I am trying to change my activity level on the profile part, but the calories it says I burn remains the exact same. Even though I have lost over 20 lbs so far, the number will not change. Does anyone know how to update this? Thanks
Hi Zilla,
Have you changed your profile weight? I'm not sure, but I think that is where the calculation is made from.

As far as which activity level to use, Micheal is right, it takes some experimentation to figure out what seems to fit your metabolism. I do suggest that you err on the side of less activity, however. I found that even though I sit, jump up, stand, pace, walk from office to lab and around the compound quite a bit, "seated all day" works pretty well for me. I suspect if I added sleep to my activity "seated with some activity" would work too - but that seems like too much work
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