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Smile Whooosh! A long post. . . lots going on this week.

ETA: If the only thing you can do is post goals, then please know that as far as I'm concern, that's just fine. There are times that I cannot respond to people. I understand.

Amy ~ Thanks for starting us off this week. It's nice to see you back on board I enjoy watching you with all your busy 4-H projects.

Tori ~ WOOOOHHHHOOOOOO!!!! That's almost 2 lbs lost! Considering your rough week last week, I say that's totally awesome. You must have killed some fat when you "killed" your phone. OK LADY!!!! Here's to you to get going: That's the FAT Shark trying to bite->

Jho82 ~ Glad to see you here. I also missed breakfast this morning. Not my usual routine, but hey, we go on forward. Speaking of 1st goals, my first goal was, "Just move". I then used a pedometer (which now is out of working order) to observe # of steps. Now my goals have developed over time as I build habit upon habit. We all start somewhere - There is no better place to begin than where you are.

nobe ~ So glad with how you're staying with us & participating. Can't wait to see your goals! Please stay safe thru the storm.

Terri ~ How long have you been on "The Plateau of No Sense"? What frustration! I imagine you know all the typical ways of busting the plateau. I'll be thinking of you Thursday on your phone interview.

rubypeanut ~ Great goals - espcially #3. I know what very little sleep can do for emotions & remember my postpartum days/nights. Great job on your 3 mi walk. That should lift the spirits a bit. Please listen to your body.

Mary ~ You mean the cravings still hit us as we get closer to our goal?! OK 3 weeks it is -- hope to see great results with you!

Joanna ~ I hope you have a great week with your goals.

almathea ~I love this thread. It's like a fresh new start with the idea of working hard on our daily goals. For me, building upon habit by habit gets me there. You've wonderful goals.

happy1987 ~ Welcome! What I say is out of good intentions: I encourage you to keep logging in -- all the good & the bad. I praise you for being honest with yourself. Logging in helps us to remain that way. Little by little we make a turn around. Even in the middle of making poorly choices, we can stop & doing something better for ourselves. This is something I have to tell myself often. You can do it.

Another word: Remember our result goals (losing inches & pounds) happen because of our doing goals (stand instead of sit, workout 30" 4 to 5 times/week, decrease soda). Awwww . . . I know what it's like not to stand up for oneself. Other people are not mind readers -- I hope you find a way to let your boyfriend know how you feel hurt when he pokes fun. Maybe you can even figure a clear & specific way that he will be supportive of you. Believe me (someone who struggled with voicing my needs/wants), it feels good when you do give voice to your needs. No matter the response, know that YOU are the gatekeeper for what negative/positive influence stays within you. Fill yourself with truth about who you are.

beccafries ~ What an education on frying! This gal has lots to learn on southern cuisine. Learn something everyday.

April ~ Yea!!!!!! I'd say those goals worked fantastically well for you with the pounds you lost. I love new cleaning equipment! ANYTHING to help keep the house clean. I say a new rug scrubber is a great non-food treat.

Hope ~ Howdy! One question: Chinese food -- Did you fall for it?

Mern ~ I love my smilies too! They actually help me during the day. For instance, today when I was tempted in the kitchen I "saw" my smilie in my mind's eye and my FITDAY Challenge, "Clean House". I like writing things out & visualizing my goals. I thank you all for bearing thru my long goal set-up.

YOU were amazing today for catching yourself with your calorie intake. I need to try mashed cauliflower, but (whiny voice) I can't give up my potatoes just yet. Does it truly taste good? Oh dear!! Am I asking the queen of vegetables if she likes cauliflower? I feel like a kid -"Don't take that away from me too!"

Mike ~ Yea!!! You worked for that 2.8 lb to be lost! Now you got that song going in my mind - "itsy, bitsy, teeny, weeny . . ."
Best Wishes, Luv
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