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Ama, I, too, like that we start a new thread each week. I'm so glad you discovered the benefits of faithfully logging every morsel that goes into your mouth. The little things can really add up. Major kudos on reaching your lowest weight since your January logging initiation! Way to go on setting such nice goals! You touched my heart with taking Grandma on a car ride and to McD's. My mother had dementia. I know what a heartache it is to see your loved one go through that.

Happy, French toast happens sometimes. I would suggest you just start fresh Tuesday with your goals instead of making yourself pay all week for forgetting today. Members can do their own thing here--I started fresh on a Wednesday a couple weeks ago to give myself better encouragement to have an all green report. You've probably seen it--some us put our successes in green and our missed goals in red. And some, like April do different colors like magenta. I was drinking several caffeine free diet sodas daily and started limiting myself to two a day, and then replacing one with decaf iced tea or Crystal Light (well, it's the store brand), and now I have maybe one soda per week. I don't have a problem yet, but would like to save the enamel on my teeth--that's mainly why I quit. Aw, some people just don't understand that their teasing hurts. How about next time he teases you about yor weight, you say something like, "Honey, I never told you this, but your poking fun at my weight makes me feel bad." I'll betcha he stops. Yeah, you've got to realize there's nothing wrong with standing up for yourself. You're entitled and it can be done in a tactful manner. Just plan ahead what you will tactfully say the next time the opportunity arises for each issue.

Luv, OMG your smilies are so entertaining! LOL I caught myself almost going over in carbs for today with my pre-logged snack later of almonds and a protein shake with flaxmeal, but I didn't want to give up that healthful snack. So I traded my dinner mashed cauliflower with sour cream and cheddar cheese for just plain cauliflower spritzed with a little I Can't Believe It's Not Butter Spray.

April, kudos on that 3.4 lb. loss! Golly, more kudos on all that exercise. Boy, when you have a PITA, you're not exaggerating! I hope that cheek pinching subsides! Thanks, it felt good getting back to the gym today as I exercised at home all last week. Will try to do all 5 days exercise there this week.

Hope, I'm so glad you were motivated by our group to fight off those evil urges. It's not easy, I know that from personal experience. So you get a BIDIA award for that. (New members, that's the BUT I DID IT ANYWAY AWARD and you can give yourselves one whenever you want.) Best wishes on the financial aid stuff. My granddaughter is getting antsy about that. She did the FAFSA application online and thought she'd hear something by now. Scales are mean to us for no apparent reason. Wishing you well deserved nice scale numbers this week. Golly, Chinese is self sabotage for me because I can't resist certain dishes. Keep strong, friend. You can do it!

Tori, read the title of this weeks thread and join your pals here in fighting the fight. You're strong, girl. You've got what it takes.
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