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Grrrr, I'm in. Fighting the urge not to work (or work out) and to get Chinese food at 4:30 pm but I decided to join you guys hoping to fight off evil urges.

Problem is I'm tired from 2 nights poor sleep. Am also in financial aid hell; college students, and moms (and dad) of college students or potential ones, can you feel my pain? What do you mean they haven't recieved the right forms, why haven't you told us, these are the only ones we have...etc.

Was in NYC for a couple of calorie mad days. But at least they don't FRY everything, man NOLA was intense for that. I used to say do they just fry whatever they have in the house, or whatever happens to wander by?

Congrats to all who have lost weight. I am not one of you. Grrrr...not that I am bitter she says as she kicks the evil scale across the room.

Saw the Cindy Sherman exhibit at MoMa - intense and disturbing.

OK no time to read posts (see goal #7) but I will try and catch up.

1) get back on track diet wise
2) 6 glasses of water
3) walk or gym 3 x this week
4) stretch
5) limit sugar
6) low carb
7) there is no excuse not to write every day

Will you keep me honest? Urge for Chinese food may be passing as I realize my tummy has been weird and I have decided to track my day...not soooo bad so far. So we shall see....

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