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Good morning everybody!!! Happy Day after Easter, hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. We had a great time in Chicago, took the kids to see a bunch of things we'd been telling them about for ages. It rained a little one day, but the rest of the time it was sunny and if not for the Chicago wind, warm enough for shorts!!! Well I had planned to be very careful, and for the most part I was. Although I have to say in terms of traveling my diet is not very workable away from home, which I already knew. I took a salad with me for the train ride and had planned to hit the hotel gym both mornings we stayed there, but guess what? Everybody else staying the hotel had the same plan, it was PACKED, so I skipped it. My pedometer was telling me that I had walked enough anyway.

Food was another issue. I tried to get salads and lean meat when we ate out, but it was very hard. The portion sizes were completely out of control, and the salad dressings were absolutely loaded with calories. I asked for them on the side, but half the time they came tossed into the salad anyway, and the restaurants were so busy you couldn't get the waiter back quickly to fix it. So I just decided that for traveling I was going on a little bit of a vacation from the strict diet. I let myself have more calories than usual, hoping to hit a calorie level where I wouldn't be gaining, just maintaining. Since I'm not at my goal weight this was difficult at best, since I really don't know how many calories that is.

And to make matters worse, my mother called to ask if I was cooking Easter dinner, and when I said "yes". She told me she had to work and she was going to send dad over to eat with us? Which is totally fine, so then I told her to call my brother and invite them over as well. So 18 hours after getting home from Chicago, I hosted Easter dinner at my house, semi-potluck. I won't go into the delicious details, but I made all the traditional favorites, everybody else brought multiple dishes to pass and yesterday afternoon I ate a very full plate of all sorts of things not allowed on my diet. After our company left I sat down at and with complete honesty logged all my foods for the last several days. This is the first time since joining fitday that I've eaten as many (or more) calories than I've burned. The good news is that I was only up 2.2 pounds yesterday and this morning I was down by 1.1, so maybe by tomorrow or the day after I'll be back to where I was when we left for Chicago. All in all it was fine and will only take a few days to undue. So I don't think I fell off the wagon, it was more of a controlled stepping off for a few days. I've been good this morning and will be going shopping in a little while to restock the fresh fruits and veggies and am planning to take the kids to the park for a little play time this afternoon.

BTW, a slice of cheese cake from the Cheesecake Factory averages 1000 calories. And while I didn't actually order my own piece of cheesecake, I did have multiple bites off the ones the kids got. Argh!!!

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