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I'm in, but starting with a bad start, going to have to make up for it through out the week, french toast was my Enemy today. Kids woke up and asked for it and of course walked straight to the kitchen with out even thinking about it and made it for them. Than eat a few pieces as well. That was my down fall, then felt pretty bad after. I forgot about my diet and trying to change my life at 6am this morning. So eat a lot of calories already is any one else have trouble, stopping drinking soda. Cause I am, never knew it had such a hold on me before. Any hoo,

My goals are for this week:
1.) is to lose a half an inch on hips and tummy
2.) To stand when ever possible instead of sit around
3.) to cut down my soda drinking to 1, 12 oz can a day
(right now, about 3/4 a 2 litter a day)
4.) to measure my body every day or every other day, hate doing so have to get used to it.

Other stuff:
Workout to a 30 minute video at least four to five days this week.
work on standing up for myself, really bad at it.
(every one says I'm too nice) My boyfriend has been poking fun at my weight and dose not know that it hurt's as badly as it dose.
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